Friday, May 20, 2016

Gamecih v3.0.0 apk download

Requirement:- Android 1.5 and up
File Size: 570 KB
Playing a game in android is very fun, but if you are stuck in a level because you have to meet a minimum requirement in strength, or you have to buy some expensive equipment, it is very annoying and some time you will feel bored because you have to collect money to buy the equipment. The best solution is using gamecih apk for android.

Back in the order console day it was always fun to use engines or things like Game Shark to play games with unlimited money, unlimited hlth or all the levels unlocked along with many many other . Now there is something similar on Android called GameCIH apk.

GameCIH APK allows you to modify variables of any program you are running. Because of this power many gamer uses this program to incrse their score, coins, gold coins, high score, money, level, and so on. Only requirement to this simple yet powerful program is you need to be rooted. The rson you can guess is Android doesn't allow one program to modify other program's value directly.

To use GameCHI you will need to be on a rooted device, otherwise it will not work. With that said, here is the quick tutorial on how to use it that b02 posted. This is taking into account you are alrdy rooted:

If you don't know what is root, or don't know how to root, you are on the wrong thrd. Come back after exploring xdaDownload the version that you wish to use, i use older one, the rson i did that is because i didn't need the latest ftures of GameCIH.(about ftures rd changelogs on gamecih site)Install it, and open, put it on your phone memory, and give it root access.When you open it, assign a (i use VOLUME DOWN), don't exit it just use home so you can continue (for exit use menu exit).Open a game that you wish to in. I personally tried it on Defenders game.Start playing the level, and pause it after taking a note how much gold/crystals/stars or anything you have.Press Volume down, Input , and write amount of gold that have. It will list a lot of s and stuff, 1 of them is our gold.Press back, resume game, continue playing, kill some monsters, rn some gold, then pause again and input the new amount of gold that you have. Now it should list a single benth. If not rept this step.Press o that , modify it to amount that you want, after pressing okay, you will have the gold you typed in.Now you can go spend what you hardly rned with the game.DOWNLOAD LINKS:
Link 1

Link 2

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