Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Reset your Pattern Locked Android Phone?

Have you ever locked your Android Phone by entering wrong or pattern. And want to see your phone to it's normal condition. Today i'm going to show you how to reset your locked Android phone or tablets. Here is the way to reset your phone to bring it back to it's normal condition. Follow me step by step as shown in the picture.
Let's Begin,

Step 1
--> Power off your phone. (Your phone need to be completely switch off to start the process. If your phone stock or frozen, you can pull the battery out from your device to completely switch off.)

Step 2
--> After your phone has completely switch off Press and hold the recovery buttons to boot your phone/tablet into recovery mode. The recovery buttons are vary with Android devices. Try some of the below combinations to boot your device into recovery mode. If the below combinations doesn't work on your Android device, you have to do some web srch for for your phone model and it's recovery .

Press and hold Volume Up+ Home+ Power ButtonPress and hold Volume Down+ Power ButtonPress and hold Home+ Power Button
After you have successfully boot your phone/tablet into recovery mode. Choose "wipe data/factory reset" to wipe your phone data and reset your phone as show in the below picture. Note: This will erase your internal memory only but not your SD Card data.

Step 3
--> After selecting "wipe data/factory reset" you will see the options as shown in the picture. From that option choose "Yes -- delete all user" as shown in the below picture.

After that process the wiping process will start as shown in the below picture.

After you have done all the process you phone will reboot automatically. If your phone doesn't reboot automatically reboot it manually. You are done!! After this process your phone will be just like as you got for first time.

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