Friday, May 20, 2016

Hitman Go v1.6 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 2.3.3 and up
File Size: 192 MB
This time the developers from Square Enix came up with the first ever version of the hard hitting At game - Hitma..
This game was very successful in PC and the Android was lacking the game. Now finally square Enix launched it - but not in the 3rd person shooter re, but its a clver puzzle type game this time. The word puzzle may turn you away from the game but let me tell you it is one of the top games in the top grossing section of the play store just because it has been getting very good reviews from all the purchasers. Download Drastic DS emulator apk here.

This is a all new type of strategy based game, with good sharp graphics. You will have to use your brain and evade your enemies using the bricks and blocks in the game, instd of using any guns here. You will rdy have to use your brain here because it's not that sy as it seems, many people have reviewed the game at Google Play Store and they all are saying to take more money and add more missions!! In the game, you will have sniper rifle, distractions and AK-47 Gun.
Hitman Go The game has very tricky challenges which will force you to think.There are many at 47's tools there in this game- like many spots to hide yourselves, sniper rifles and many more.Most of the enemies are unique and ll of them have unique behavior ch and every time you play the game- that's something very cool from Square Enix Ltd !!Levels can be completed in 2 ways- either you force on your enemies and win battle, or your play in stlth mode, mainly evding the enemies with your gaming skill. So there you see it's going to be a very interesting game.Download Note:
I am sharing the apk of Hitman go with only students and others unable to purchase, just because students don't have credit cards with money and that does not mn that they should not try out games. So if you have money and can buy, Plse buy this game on Play Store, and support the developers so they get their share of the hard work they put forward for this game.

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