Friday, May 20, 2016

Camera 2 v3.1.1 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 4.0.3 and up
File Size: 9.9 MB
Camera 2 is the ultimate rl-time effects app.
Take better pictures, amazing s and have fun crting them.
Fturing many unique high quality effects, grouped into families sharing a common theme:● Old Time: make your camera look like something from the 20's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's
● Lomos and Vintage: more subtle retro effects
● Comic and Sketch: to express yourself, half tone, B&W, printed comics, new style, mix and match
● Art: sometimes you just want to crte a piece of art with a tap
● Sci-Fi: see it to believe it
● Computer: and finally, for every geek out there, this is unmissable: old computer monitorsMany of the effects can be boosted by applying a superb "out of focus"/"depth of field" filter, and, as usual, it's all rl time.Main ftures:● Capture high resolution photos with effects, or apply them to your existing s
● Capture with effects (*)
● All the ftures from a standard camera app: Auto-focus, timer, flash modes etc.
● More than 40 high quality effects
● Share your crtions straight from the app
● Twk ch effect to achieve your own unique look(*) recording requires that your device supports NEON instructions, most modern devices do.
FAQ● Why does the recorder launch the default camera recording app?
- On some devices this happens when taking unfiltered s because it is faster● Zoom doesn't work on the preview of my device why?
- Try the Software Zoom option in the settings, this might fix the problem.
CUSTOM ROMS● Camera 2 doesn't officially support custom ROMs. The app might work, but there are know issues especially with CyanoMod. Plse update to an official ROM or ask us for a refund if you've purchased the app.
POLICIESIf you are unhappy with the app plse contact us to our support email we'll try to either fix the problem or give you a full refund.
Feel free to contact us if you want to share your feedback or experience.Finally, Camera 2 does not store/collect/send/manage any personal data, all photos and s taken with Camera 2 are solely yours and yours only.
PERMISSIONSInternet: only required to share your pictures. If you don't share, internet won't be used.
Microphone: only to record audio with your s, no other use.
Loion: only used to store loion to your photos, it's disabled by default and it's optional.
LEGALThis software uses of FFmpeg d under the PLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here:
3.1.1● You can now swipe the effect bar to hide it● Improving family transitions● Made lines thinner by default in the Dark Novel and Taxi effects● Localizing app name to Japanese● Various fixes3.1.0● New "Red Alert", "Taxi" and "Redscale" effects● You can now add frames to many of the filters● Faster texture loading● Fixed minor UI glitches● Fixed various crashes
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