Friday, May 20, 2016

ePSXe for Android v1.9.19 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 2.2 and up
File Size: 2.6 MB
ePSXe for android is a premium app. It costs $4.08 to purchase in play store. But here you can download this app for free.
It is a PlayStation Emulator app which can be use to play the Android games in your android devices. It is a port of a famous ePSXe for PC.
This app provides extremely high compatibility (i.e above 99%), good gaming speed, and accurate sound track. ePSXe is actually designed for smart and tablets, and also supported multiplayer (1-4 players) option with split screen mode.

ePSXe for Android supports virtual touchscreen pad, hardware buttons mapping (Xperia Play, external gamepads bluetooth or USB such as Xbox 360, WiiMote, Sixaxis, Moga, Ipega, and with board or gamepad) and analog sticks.
This app suppots OpenGL HD enhance graphics, and supported as well as savestates and memorycards compatibility with the PC version. It includes native support for Atom X86 and ARM. For more information go to this link.

Short Note: ePSXe doesn't includes games, user must provide the games

-Updated OpenGL/HD plugin - fixed PowerVR cards
-Extra/combo buttons support to portrait mode
-Dithering support to neon/hardware gpu plugin
-Portuguese translation supported
-Support to show a gamefaq during gameplay
-Added default language choosing option
-Fixed some games problems.

Google Play Store: click here

Download For Free
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