Friday, May 20, 2016

Galaxy Bowling 3D v8.1 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 2.3 and upFile Size: 30 MBOverview:Galaxy Bowl is a 3D bowling game with 11 modes, rlistic physics, 4 player local multiplayer, dozens of balls, online lderboards, and planet-loads of fun!★ Fun pick up and play gameplay. Touch to position the ball, and then swipe your finger to roll it. Tilt or swipe your finger to add spin.
★ 100 pin challenge, iron pin, and spares mode!
★ Candlepin, Duckpin, Five Pin, Skittles, and Nine Pin bowling variations! These have new pin types, balls, rules, and challenges.
★ Butiful 3D graphics. Reflective lanes and shiny bowling balls look grt on any device.
★ Online lderboards.Unlock new planet-themed balls, conquer challenging achievements, and complete your voyage of the solar system.Can you rch Pluto?Galaxy Bowl includes:TEN PIN BOWLINGOne of the most popular bowling games in the world today. Score strikes, spares, and tur.PICK UP SPARESPractice challenging spares. Clr stages to unlock new balls.ONE HUNDRED PINSKnock down as many pins as you can in 5 throws at a rack of 100 pins!CANDLEPIN BOWLINGInvented in 1880. Candlepin bowling offers a grt challenge. Candlepins are thin skittles that bounce and spin unpredictably when struck. Pins aren't clred between rounds allowing you to knock them into still upright pins.FIVE PIN BOWLINGInvented in 1904 in Canada. In 5 pin, ch pin is worth different point values. Spares are strategic attempts to hit the most valuable pins. A perfect game is 450 points!NINE PIN (GERMAN BOWLING)Invented in medieval Germany, 9 pin is what most later bowling games are based on. Nine pins are arranged in a diamond shape with a "kingpin" in the middle. Knocking all the pins over rns 9 points. Knocking all the pins over but the kingpin rns 12!LONG ALLEY SKITTLESKnock over pins by throwing a barrel-shaped 'cheese'! To score points, you first have to knock over the kingpin. It's tricky to master when the ball bounces unpredictably!DUCK PINInvented in 1904 in New England. Duck pin uses the nrly the same rules as 10 pin, but allows 3 rounds to knock over all the pins. The ball and pins are smaller making precision very important to score well!IRON PINIron pin is the same as normal bowling but one random pin is much hvier than the others. Careful consideration has to be made on how to knock over the hvy pin while also clring the normal ones.SHUFFLE BOWLINGBowling on a shuffleboard table! Knock over the pins with a weighted puck.WEST COUNTY SKITTLESTraditional skittles game that has been played in British pubs for centuries.
WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION8.1: Fixed bug when choosing a ball. Strike text will show again. Minor fixes.8:0:- Added 3 new modes: West County Skittles, Long Alley Skittles, and Shuffle Bowling- Improved 100 pins mode.- Removed side-motion in all modes.- Updated game select UI (so.. many.. choices...)- Improved physics accuracy by about a factor of 10.- Optimized textures, music, and sounds.- Fixed small ball's textures.- Fixed many bugs (hopefully, didn't add any new ones.)
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