Friday, May 20, 2016

History Eraser Clner Pro v5.3.6 Apk Download

Requirement:- Varies with device
File Size: 3 MB
History Eraser can cln history of apps by only one tap. It's similar to the "cclner" on PC. It can help you to protect your privacy, and it can also help you to free up the internal storage. No root premission required!

■ Ftures
• Clr Browser History
• Clr Call Log
• Clr text messages
• Clr Market Srch History (including new android market history of v3.0.26+)
• Clr Google Srch History
• Clr Srch History
• Clr Google Map Srch History
• Clr Gmail Srch History
• Clr Clipboard Data
• Clr Youtube Srch History (assist)
• Clr Google Srch History(Android >= 1.6) (assistance)
• Clr all app cache files
• Clr Frequently Called (Frequently Contacted)
• Clr Download History
• SMS Remove/Delete
• Delete/Remove SMS by Conversation
• Call Log Remove/Delete
■ User Reviews
Awesome Simple,quick and sy to use --Hruaia BawitlungAwesome! I was looking for an app to remove the frequently called list, and this app did awesome job. I highly recommend this app to anyone! --Reuben RivasYes it works very well, I have to give this one 5 stars !!!! Try it, you can always remove it if your not satisfied. --lisa millsExcellent! This app is very helpful and makes clning up your phone a very simple task. --Shawn Peeler
Q: How to cln your Google Map history?
A: If your Google Map history still comes out after cln, plse visit disable the history records for your Google account.Q: What should I do if force close happens?
A: Plse use our another app named 'App Cache Clner' to do a cln-all action, and then open History Eraser again
■ v2.5.5 changes
1.add sms clr options to one touch clr list
now we can seperately del 4 kinds of thrd,including:
a) Sent SMS/MMS
b) Received SMS/MMS
c) Failed SMS/MMS
d) SMS/MMS DraftBy using setting menu, you can alse choose not to del sms/mms when screen off or you can choose not to delete locked/protected sms/mms
■ v2.5 changes
1.add auto clr and preference setting
you can have schedule clr by menu-> setting -> select Clr When Screen Off.It will auto execute your last clr operation when screen off.
you can also set notifiion bar icon here and turn on phone rom memory statistics display.2.add frequently called (Frequently Contacted) clr
some devices have a frequently called list in favorites the delete operation of this list is available.3.add phone memory status showing
show your phone rom memory can see how much memory freed after clr.4.use new text message deletion and move this function to menu options
txt message deletion option moved to menu,you can delete all of your sms/mms by menu-> Del All SMS/MMS,Be ware that ALL of your text message will be deleted even if they are locked!5.add option to show notifiion bar
you can show notifiion bar to have a quick enable this:
menu->Setting->check Notifiion Bar Icon.6.adjust item display order.
move clr all apps cache function to the top of the list.
#5.3.4Fix calllog clr bug#5.3.1fix bug of widget#v5.2.2fix sms/mms bug for android UI2.fix bugs
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