Friday, May 20, 2016

JB Extreme Theme CM11 AOKP v5.64 Apk Download

Requirement:- Varies with devicesFile Size: 44.7 MBOverview:★★ATTENTION★★
This theme is NOT for launchers. This theme for for devices that are ROOTED and running a CUSTOM ROM that supports theme engine. For more info see this link
• Custom, Original Design
• Custom Wallpaper
• 7,600 Custom s!!
• 1,211 HD 192x192 App Icons (New Theme Engine Only)
• 53 Packages ThemedI LOVE the Jelly Bn look, but there were some things i didn't like and some things I thought I could improve. That is what this theme is all about. Taking Jelly Bn to the Extreme!
ROOT is needed and a custom ROM that supports Theme Engine★This Theme will work for the following ROM's★
• CM 9, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 11
• Paranoid Android
• Slim
• Eclipse
• Baked Bn
• Liquid
• Carbon
• Gummy
• Droid Kang
• Purity
Below you will see the overall ars I have themed. I have worked very hard to theme everything you see on device. I covered some additional apps but cannot theme them all. I tried to cover all the apps that come on your phone when you first flash a ROM. I will continue to do more work to this theme as time goes on.Widgets that are themed
• Google Now
• News & Wther
• Power Control
• Play Music
• Gmail
• Email
• Contacts
• Calendar
• AppMonger
• Analog ClockApps that are blacked out
• Gmail
• Email
• Play Music
• Play Store
• Play Books
• Play Games
• Play
• Play Magazines
• AppMonger
• Google Now
• Google Plus
• Contacts
• Calendar
• Drive
• Keep
• Dropbox
• DocumentsUI
• Chrome
• PhoneApps that have been themed
• DeskClock
• AOSP and Google board
• Swype
• Settings
• SystemUI
• RomControl
• Hangouts
• Root Explorer
• Framework
• Gallery
• Lock Screen
• CM File Manager
• Trebuchet
• Facebook Notifiions
• Google Now Launcher
• YouTube
• Falcon Pro
• Nova Launcher
• CM Theme Engine
This theme is available in 8 colors. Check them out below Extreme Launcher Theme comes with support for all the top launchers and many wallpaper options
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For more details about this theme visit my website
WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSIONGet the complete changelog and lve comments on my blog!*v5.64*Updated and fixed Play Music 5.7Skinned icons on CM One Plus LockscreenMore icons are coming soon. Just been very behind. Sorry didn't get on this update. Had to fix Play Music crash
DOWNLOAD LINKS:Google Play Store: click here
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