Friday, May 20, 2016

Meld (Madewithmeld) v1.04 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 4.0 and up
File Size: 42 MB
A simple yet highly crtive app that allows you to blend multiple s together using a variety of blend modes, masking and simple adjustments. The possibilities are endless with Meld giving you the ability to crte highly artistic and captivating s and having a lot of fun along the way!
Requires Android: 4.0+
Currently only 1:1 crop ratio - more coming in future updates!What you can do:- Overlays
- Double/Multi-Exposure
- Adding textures
- Masking & Blending
- Add or erase objects
- Photo Collage
- and more...
How it works:1. Load a base .
2. Adjust the position, size & rotation of the base to desired composition.
3. Make adjustments to the base using Meld's user-friendly and intuitive set of tools.
4. Load another or overlay into a layer.
5. Adjust the position, size & rotation of this layer to desired composition.
6. Mask away ars of this layer using brushes or pre-defined mask shapes as well as make adjustments using Meld's user-friendly and intuitive set of tools.
7. Choose desired blend mode and transparency of this layer.
8. Repts steps 4-7 adding more layers and flattening the if required in order to add even more layers.
9. You can also swap the layer order as well as remove a layer at anytime.
10. Save your final to file, if you want, share your on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or simply email it to your friends.
11. You can even continue editing from this point by adding/removing layers.
Ftured Asset Packs:Meld comes bundled with a of amazing asset packs from a couple of very talented crtives. Any of these grt assets can be used as an overlay for your . Ftured assets include:
- MDPatterns by Tian Hughes (@motiondoom)
- JSoverlays by Jonathan Swinney (@Jonathan_Swinney)
- JOvrs Ink & Paper/Cloud9 by Joe Cavazos (@joecavazos)
- 3d_Polyonfire by Syamil Haqimi (@_syamilonfire)
- SlimePlanets by Mike Parisella (@slimesunday)
What some of our Instagram users have said:- "Thanks so much Meld there are so many possibilities with this app - I'm hooked!!" - @jjnnie3
- "I'm rlly enjoying the app. Grt possibilities abound. " - @sirrl
- "Thanks Meld you make endless possibilities!" - @fetonic
** The introductory price will allow us support further development so we can deliver all the ftures you want, so stay tuned for loads more cool ftures to come!
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Play This! Studios--PLSE NOTE: The edits seen in attached screenshots and on our website were crted either using Meld entirely or as part of a crtive workflow process using a of apps. Some of the effects or assets visible in s may have been added using other apps or even by other artists.
Added a rate the app button in settings.Removed layer pack.
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