Friday, May 20, 2016

My Backup Pro v4.1.0 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 1.6 and up
File Size: 3.5 MB
My Backup Pro is the most siest backup app for android. This app can support most of the android devices and their contents. With this app you can backup your data with schedule with it's online secure services or to your SD Card. You can backup your Android Apps, Games, Photos, s, Music, Contacts, Call log, SMS, MMS, Browser Bookmarks, Calendar, Homescreen, System Settings, Alarms, Music Playlists, APNs, Alarms and more....

You can restore your backups on your new or existing android .
Migrate fture of this app allows you to move your system data, apps, games, photos, s, music, and more directly from one Android Device to another device.

You can see your data and appliion backups online, by signing in to the Web Viewer at

My Backup Pro works on almost all android devices.

Most of the people have chosen My Backup Pro because it supports almost all android devices, and it works on rooted and non-rooted devices also. But users who have rooted device they can backup apk+data as well as market links!

Small Note: Data/Setting of appliions can only be supported if device is rooted.

Backup and Restore from or to your SD CardTransfer information and data between two devicesCloud Backup to Online Secure ServerRestore to New or Existing DeviceAlmost all Android devices are supportedView the backups in detail without restoringAvailable in over ten languagesBETA: Trigger a backup to start on your Android device from it's site www.rerware.comMost siest backup app to use on AndroidAnd lots more...BACKUP AND RESTORE ITEMS SUPPORTED
-Call log
-Test messages (SMS)
-System Setting
-Home Screen Shortcuts and Wallpapers
-Browser bookmarks
-Music Playlists
-APN settings

The users who have rooted their Android devices they can do additional things with this app. They can;
-Freeze installed app, system apps
-Unfreeze frozen apps
-Wipe appliion data
-Wipe appliion cache
-Uninstall apps
-Force close apps
-Link apps to the Android Market
-Brk the Android Market Links to apps

After updating this app restart you device
-Fixed transfer sms, mms ftures or Android 4.4+ devices
-Fixed Apps disappring on reboot after restore on some rooted
-Editing schedule is supported
-Fixed pre 4.0 to post 4.0 Android calendar restore

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