Friday, May 20, 2016

NRG Player Full v1.1.8C Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 2.1
File Size: 6.4 MB
NRGplayer - a free butiful music player for Android with an equalizer that plays songs from folders and has customizable user interface.

Main ftures:
• Popular format playback
Listen to songs in more than 20 popular formats.
• Lossless formats
Listen to tracks in formats without quality loss, which your default music player couldn’t play before. Our appliion has it’s own audio engine.
• 10 band graphic equalizer with presets
Choose standard presets or crte your own. To open it tap EQL button on the right bottom corner. Then tap on On/Off button to switch it on/off.
• Sound effects
Get the best quality from your hd using them with flexible effects. Open equalizer and swipe to the second tab with effects.• Custom interface colors and background
Change look and feel depending on your own style. Express yourself! To customize your interface tap options menu (small gr in the top right corner or menu button on your device). Then tap on Settings -> Look and feel -> “Colors and Background” or “Skins” to change whole look of the player.

• Convenient circle rewind for audiobooks and podcasts
Twk rewind speed for sy navigation in long tracks. Open Settings -> Controls -> Rewind speed. For example, x1/8 speed allows you to rewind in 8 full circles instd of one. It makes your navigation eight times sier.
• Volume buttons playback control
Switch tracks with volume buttons. You don’t need to pull out your phone from your pocket. It’s a grt way to use NRGplayer for sport. To switch on this fture open Settings -> Controls -> Volume buttons.
• Switch folders, albums or artists in one motion
Open media library by tapping on ADD button in the left bottom corner. Find your favorite directory, album or artist and tap on small play triangle button on the left side of the list item. Return to the main screen. Now you can swipe to the right or to the left on the playback queue to switch. Use NRGplayer as your music player for car.
• Play all your collection in three taps
1. Tap on ADD button to open media library.
2. Tap on “Songs” tab
3. Tap on play icon in the left side of any item in the list
Playback queue will be crted automatically for you. You can switch on "random" on the main screen (above forward button).
• Unique playlist system
You can select tracks in 5 egories: folders, songs, albums, artists and cloud. Add them all to playlist in one touch. There are no borders between directories and media library anymore. Just press ADD button on the left bottom corner. Then tap on checkboxes on the right side of any list item. When you select everything you want just press “Add” or “Play” button.
• Home screen and lock screen widgets
You can choose one of three home screen widgets: 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, and one lock screen widget!
• Hdset support
Lve your device in the pocket! You can twk your hdset on the Settings screen: Settings -> Controls -> Hdset.
• Id3 tags editor
You don't need to edit every track if you want to change album or artists title. Just open tag editor in album or artist egory. To do that open music library, select required tab and make a long press on a list item to open context menu. Then just select “Edit tags” option. All changes will be applied automatically.
• Sleep timer
Don’t worry about sleeping with player on. It’s turn off automatically by sleep timer. To open sleep timer tap on Settings -> Controls -> Sleep timer.
Usesupport@nrgplayer.comfor bug reports.
+ permanent menu button for all devices+ add multiple playlists to playback queue+ option to disable album art update+ auto srch for new songs after changing music srch directories+ support MPC format- fix wrong memory card detection- fix error with adding more than 3000 songs to playback queue
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