Friday, May 20, 2016

Optimizer Plus v1.0.2 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 2.2 and up
File Size: 2.4 MB
The best tool set available in Google Play.
8 super tools combined into one app. Save 50% on all premium versions of apps by Badlab. One time payment forLife timeuse. All future updates are free.[✔]Ftures:[✔]Battery Saver:
[✔] lit battery saver, Smartly closes ftures not in use.
[✔] Freezes unwanted background tasks.
[✔] Up to 2X battery life.
[✔] Full battery info.
[✔] Log of battery saving activity.[✔]App Share:
[✔] Swipe to share an app.
[✔] Batch Share appliion's apks.
[✔] Sort apps according to name and size.[✔]App Backup:
[✔] Backup apps by swiping.
[✔] Batch Backup apps.
[✔] Auto Backup apps.
[✔] Install\Replace backup-ed apps.[✔]System Clner:
[✔] Cln system cache.
[✔] Cln default browser history and srch.
[✔] Cln Chrome browser history and srch.
[✔] Cln Google Play, Gmail srch and Maps srch history.
[✔] Cln Clipboard.
[✔] Auto clner, scheduled clning, cln when junk grter than a level.
[✔] Widget, Cln in one tap from home screen.
[✔] Cln history, and data of Facebook, Firefox, Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line etc.[✔]Fake Crash App Locker:
[✔] Lock any of your apps and block unauthorized entry to your apps.
[✔] Task Killers cannot kill FC App Locker.
[✔] Only Master can enter inside FC App Locker.[✔]Game Booster:
[✔] Boost all games up to 40% in speed and performance.
[✔] Background task freezer to maximize gaming experience.
[✔] Fixes lags in high end games.
[✔] Add/Remove games manually to/from 'Game Boost list'.[✔]Network Restarter:
[✔] Restart network signal and set best available network signal in the ar.
[✔] One click to restart network.
[✔] Home screen widget to restart network.
[✔] Signal strength and Signal information (including SIM and phone info).[✔]Uninstaller:
[✔] Swipe to uninstall an app.
[✔] Batch uninstall appliion's apks.
[✔] Find idle apps and sort them.
[✔] Sort apps according to name and size.Download today and enjoy a better Android.
The no.1 tool set in Android. Download today and enjoy the best out of your phone.version : 1.0.2. Removed Ad Blocker as per Google Play compliance.
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