Friday, May 20, 2016

Party Player v1.17 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 3.0 and up
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Throwing a party?
Party Player puts nrly any song at your guests fingertips by allowing your phone to receive and AUTOMATICALLY play songs on your phone or YouTube s through text messages. Simply enable requests, and tell everybody at your event to text the commandplay name of songoryoutube name of songto your phone. Party Player will automatically stop any currently playing music and srch for and play the song request through either the music on the phone or by srching and automatically playing a YouTube . If there are multiple requests, they will be placed in a song queue and wait their turn to be played. When all song/ requests finish, the previously playing music will be continued. If you want to block certain people from requesting songs, you can do so by going to Menu->Contact Permissions. Plse don't forget to rate the app if you liked it. I am only one guy, and I make these apps in my free time. I rlly do appreciate the feedback!Imagine this:
A guest at your party can't find the song they want to hr, so they pause your currently playing music and strm a song on YouTube. When the song is done, what do you get? Silence......Now YOU have to go to your phone, exit the YouTube app, and play a new song. With Party Player, the guest can just srch for their YouTube request inside the app, in a widget, or through a text message. Any currently playing music will be paused, and the YouTube request is automatically found and played. When the request is finished, the previously playing music will be resumed. It is smless!*Rating my app would make my Fred Wsley very happy!
*If the app doesn't work with your default music player, you may need to disable it and download a different one from the app store.
*You can test this app by texting yourself "play name of song" or "youtube name of song".
*YouTube music requests can also be added inside of the app or through a widget on your home screen.
*Guests do NOT need to download any apps to request songs. If they can text, they can request.
*Upgrading to Premium gives you unlimited requests.
*Some Youtube s cannot be played due to the uploader not allowing viewers on mobile devices.Setting Up Party Player
1. Open the app.
2. Check the box marked "Accept Requests".
3. A window will pop up. Check "songs on phone" and "songs on youtube" to receive both types of requests.
4. The Party Player icon will pop up signifying that requests are enabled.
5. Have a guest text you the phrase "youtube wrecking ball" or "play wrecking ball" without the quotes.
6. The youtube request "Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball " or a version of Wrecking Ball stored on the phone will automatically pause any currently playing music and start playing. When the /song completes, the previously playing music will be resumed.
*Sometimes guests will receive a message asking them to confirm their YouTube selection.PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED
- This is needed to rd through the SMS Message to find the song request.SEND_SMS
- If the request is found on the phone, an SMS will be sent back to let them know that it will be played.
- If the request is not found, an SMS will be sent back to let them know that it did not find a song.
-If the request finds multiple songs matching the request, an SMS will be sent back asking them to choose one.RD_CONTACTS
-Needed to enable or disable certain contacts from requesting songs. We all have a friend with poor taste in music.RD_PHONE_STATE
-Needed to pause/continue previous songs.RD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
-Needed to rd the music on the external storage device(the SD card).DISABLE_GUARD
-Needs to be disabled so that the YouTube can be played even if the phone is locked.
-Fixed some small bugs that would cause the app to stop completely when you exit the app while a YouTube was playing.-Added messages that explain what the app is doing when it is doing it.-Added share button so you guys can share this app with your friends!- Fixed a HUGE bug! If the app was not previously working on your phone, try now. It may be fixed! Yay! :0-Added option to srch YouTube automatically if song was not found on phone.
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