Friday, May 20, 2016

rth HD Deluxe Edition v3.3.7 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 2.3.3 and up
File Size: 12 MB
rth HD live wallpaper brings you the most butiful and pceful view of our planet. Stay tuned!
- Sun/rth position mode depending on current date
- 5 different rth themes: Classic, Rlistic, Future, Post-apocalyptic, Frozen rth
- Awesome satellite mode demo.
- True HD rth textures
- HD stars background texture
- Butiful reflections
- Texture detalization customization
- 4 FPS limiting options to help your phone's battery
- Rlistic atmosphere
- Can customize camera distance and offset (especially useful for tablets, helps to take 100% from HD texture detalization)
- Lights on the night side
- rth's rotation speed customization
- 10 camera modes:
* Free - you can freely observe all corners of the rth
* Move (left-centered) - perfect for with TouchWiz (where main screen is the left one)
* Move (centered) - perfect for Sense-based (where main screen is the center one)
* Orbit (left-centered) - perfect for with TouchWiz
* Orbit 2 (centered) - perfect for Sense-based
* Fixed camera
* + 4 new AWESOME animated cameras
- Sun
- 100% 3D using OpenGL ES 2.0 / C++ for best performanceIMPORTANT. It's a LIVE WALLPAPER. It won't appr in your app list. Go to the live wallpaper menue of your phone and you'll find it there.IMPORTANT. If you'll find any bugs plse write me an e-mail. In most cases i can't fix them if you'll report them in comments.
- Stability fixes- Sprite tune-up- Performance updates
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