Friday, May 20, 2016

Thor: The Dark World LWP Premium Apk v1.2

Feel like your favorite Asgardian with this official Thor: The Dark World app ... Marvel Comics and Thor fans the excitement of the sequel again with this incredible live Wallpaper app start screen of your Android device

Size: 31 Mb Android: 2.3 and up
download the freePremiumof the Thor: The Dark World Live Wallpaper based on the Marvel Studios , with a close-up of the Thunderer hammer, Mjolnir Thor: The Dark World LWP Premium Apk v1.2
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< / Center> If your device gets close to zero battery power, your free Mjolnir hammer gauge will flash red and the Mighty Thor audio will help remind you to power your device " more lightning " If that is not enough Norse god action for you , then an upgrade is to use different unlockable premium options Thor: The Dark World LWP is the unlocked premium version of the Live Wallpaper with a fully animated and interactive 3D model of the Mighty Thor , wring his costume based on the latest iteration in Thor : The Dark World Once installed and on the screen , you can press Thor and he will bring down / center> his hammer < Also, to help you over- sized counter, monstrous thrts Hammerhd will deliver your e- mail , missed calls and text warnings in the form of a screen Mjolnir punch to your device. Hr the Bringer of Lightning recite the time for you and so few surprises here and there for you to discover , while Thor Clock Widget is set to your home screen Thor: The Dark World LWP Premium Apk v1.2

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