Friday, May 20, 2016

Tiny Flashlight + LED v5.0.2 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 1.5 and up
File Size: 998 KB
Free flashlight app for your device! Incredibly simple and very useful. Will use your device's camera LED / flash / screen as a torch.* Bright flashlight / torch mode when using the device LED.
* Grt and diverse screen lights.
* Widget with different layouts to choose from (including lock screen widget). Flashlight starts directly without launching Tiny Flashlight.
* Strobe / Blinking function with adjustable on/off intervals
* Morse functionality with a Text to Morse function.
* Butiful layout and simple controls.
* Small memory footprint, low battery and CPU consumption. Highly optimized.
* Best tablet flashlightAvailable lights:
===========*LedLight - Uses your phone's flash. Note that some devices don't have a camera led. In this case the led flashlight option will be disabled.* Screen Light - This is the basic white screen, which is bright enough for daily use. You can use it as your primary flashlight option in case your device doesn't have a LED flashlight or you want to save some battery.* Warning Lights, Police, Color, Strobe, Morse , Text to Morse - different light sources, which may be useful in many situations. Bright enough. You can change the brightness and the colors.The best flashlight app when you need reliability and functionality.
CAUTION: Strobe lighting can trigger seizures in photosensitive epilepsy!
<b>*** v5.0 why? Rd here:</b><b>and here and here:</b>
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