Friday, May 20, 2016

Volume Ace v3.2.2 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android 2.0 and up
File Size: 766 KB
Volume Ace is a Volume Manager that allow you to fast and sily manage your device volume levels. You can crte profiles and switch or select them straight from the widgets. Schedule profiles to apply automatically.

• Crte your own volume presets. Now ch profile can save his own Ringtone, Notifiion and Alarm tone.
• Scheduler : Schedule profiles to apply automatically at the time and day you choose.
• Timer: Set a profile temporarily for x hours and minutes. Useful for meetings, etc. so you don't forget to turn off the "silent" profile.
• Plugs : Automatically switch to profiles of choice when plugging r, Desk or Car.
• Set Mode(From widget too): Silent, Vibration & Normal.
• Cycle through profiles by tapping widget
• Tone picker for Ringtone, Notifiion and Alarm
• Sounds while adjusting volume (using the actual tone)
• 8 Widgets with volume levels and profiles
• Custom colors/style to widgets and main screen (Orange, Azure, Green, Red, White, Vintage, Blue Yellow, Pink and Purple)
• Volume Locker: Prevent ringer and/or media volume to be changed outside the app.
• Bluetooth volumeLanguages available: Cs,De,Da,En,Es,Fr,Ko,He,It,Iw,Pl Ru & Tw.
If you are a Tasker user and like to use it to set Volume Ace profiles:
Add => Misc => Send Intent
Action: "it.braincrash.volumce.SET_PROFILE"
Extra: "Profile:PROFILE_NAME" (case sensitive)
Package: "it.braincrash.volumce"
Class: "it.braincrash.volumce.ProfileSet"
Target: "Activity"Thanks to Christian Schulze for this info.> If you have questions or problems, plse consider to E-Mail us before lving negative comments...* Tablets aren't fully supported.*** App functionality may vary based on Android version in use ***Special thanks for localizations:
Czech : Charla
Danish : Johan Olesen
French : Jn-François Lesperance
German : Rafael Karbowski
Hebrew : Ben Cohen
Korn : William Kim
Polish : TomoS
Russian : IDris a.k.a. MANsur, Ghost-Unit
Spanish : Iñigo Hervías
Slovak : Lumir Strauch
Taiwanese : Leo Yang
Version 3.2.2• bug fixVersion 3.2.1• Added Timed Profiles• Now the "mini" widget show the name of the current profile
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